Precision beyond doubt™:
A future free from surgical guesswork

In cancer surgery, even the tiniest remnants of tissue left during surgery, no matter how limited, is the seed for a future relapse. In the era of precision surgery, no one should have to worry about the success of a tumour removal.

CELEOS crafts a unique solution that allows saving and contactless in situ sampling by laser, molecular analysis by mass spectrometry, and an explainable real-time AI framework to provide powerful tissue characterization and precise surgical margin definition.


Benefits of the SpiderMass


Immediate Clarity

Designed with and for surgeons, our system empowers them with immediate and accurate insights into tissue composition, effectively preventing unnecessary tissue removal or letting cancer in the body. With the press of a button, our technology offers patients the relief of avoiding weeks of post-operative unvertainty with an improved life quality.


Reduced Relapses

Our technology leaves no room for doubt, drastically decreasing the chance of positive margins and post-surgery cancer relapses.



Our technology not only reduces the necessity for subsequent surgeries and treatments, but it also reduces the reliance on lengthy intraoperative pathological exams


Scientifically Grounded

Although the final SpiderMass system is yet to be clinically tested, substantial scientific papers and proofs-of-concept (including veterinary surgery and human dermatosis characterisation) vouch for its efficacy.


Health & Sustainability

CELEOS is purpose-driven: We're dedicated to enhance people's health while actively reducing our environmental footprint. Through our commitment to recycling and reuse, we adopt a holistic life cycle approach in designing our products thereby fostering eco-friendly and sustainable innovation in the field of medical technology

Who are we

Our team is a dynamic blend of top-tier scientists and adept entrepreneurs advised by accomplished mentors, all united to pioneering groundbreaking solutions.

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Our prizes


Hodéfi Laureate with Gold Nugget prize


Réseau Entreprendre Nord Laureate


DeepTech Pioneer from Hello Tommorow


Second Best Business Model


Unicancer Prize “Precision oncology”


i-PhD Laureate


Best Breakthrough Technology Award


Finalist of 2014 Altran Technology award

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