Who are we ?

At CELEOS, our vision is to eliminate post-surgery doubts and anxiety by revolutionize oncological surgeries through the integration of cutting-edge technology for a future where procedures are more efficient, eco-friendly, and patient-centric.

Our mission

CELEOS is a purpose-driven company aiming at improving Human and Animal health and well-being while minimising its impact on the environment. Its objectives are set out in its legal statutes and a external committee controls their achievements.

Saving Patient's lives

By developping such a technology, our mission is to reduce cancer relapses and improve post-surgery follow-up ultimately saving lives.

Empowering surgeons and Reducing Costs

Provide surgeons with real-time, accurate tissue insights at the press of a button, ensuring no extra time is added to surgical procedures and eliminating unnecessary tissue removal. Offering a user-centric system, both powerful and intuitive, to be effortlessly adopted by surgeons which will ultimately reduce healthcare costs.

Employee Growth & Well-being

Cultivate an environment that prioritizes personal development and well-being, allowing each team member to flourish and contribute their best.

Commitment to Sustainability

Enhance patient health while championing eco-responsibility. Beyond reducing unnecessary surgeries and treatments, we promote recycling, reuse, and a holistic lifecycle approach, making our solutions both eco-friendly and effective.

Our values

We want a company culture in which employees find opportunities for personal growth, fulfilment, and well-being, guided by our core values of Consistency, Consideration, Consultation, and Courage (our “4C’s”)


Maintaining high performance and resilience consistently, ensuring all our commitments are fulfilled


Foster a culture of sharing and caring, ensuring all stakeholders, from patients to partners, are valued and respected.


Fostering agility and eliminating internal obstacles to boost collaboration. Our decision-making is well informed and emphasizes team input and expert insights, while creating a welcoming space for exchanging and valuing feedback.


Embrace risks and stand firm in our convictions, including the courage to step out of our comfort zones when it means making decisions that protect and preserve the Earth

Our story

We are a deeptech company, originating from a team of visionary scientists working on a long-recognized project. Below are some of our key milestones.

First patent application
First scientific publication
First proof of concept in a real environment
First clinical study
Mars 2023
CELEOS incorporation

Our team

Our team is a dynamic blend of top-tier scientists and adept entrepreneurs advised by accomplished mentors, all united to pioneering groundbreaking solutions.

Philippe Saudemont

Co-founder & CEO

Isabelle Fournier

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Zoltan Takats

Co-founder & Advisor

Michel Salzet

Co-founder & Advisor

Dominique Tierny

Co-founder & Advisor

Marc Kowalczyk


Barnabé Cherville

R&D Mass Spectrometry Research Engineer

Emma Herché

Usability & Ergonomy Intern


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